Pilot_B's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A Passed practical

Hi! I have passed the IFATC theory test and am in IFATC Training Academy, but I would love some extra practice beyond that. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Open at Munich!

  • Runway 08s
  • Pattern work allowed

Now closed

tag in future sessions :)

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Open at Athens!

  • Runway 03s
  • Pattern work allowed

Please stop by if you have a chance! Now closed.

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Awesome session! I want to see you in IFATC team :). Good luck!

Thanks for helping me out! I will take the practical soon and hopefully it goes well.


i recommend controlling airport on this list


also tag me next time you open

Will do, and thanks for the list.

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Open at Fresno! (KFAT)

  • Runway 29s
  • Pattern work allowed

@Alexbg29 @VibrantPixel @Armthnn

Now closed

Can you stay longer?

Yes I’m still open

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Hey @Pilot_B! I did everything I could do alone what is also needed for the training sessions and the test. Here’s my feedback:

  • late exit runway (you should give the exit runway command at around 70-80knts). What I do is to prepare the command when the aircraft is on final so I just need to click send so it’s done.

  • you saw that a runway crossing may be needed and prepared the command so you could send it milliseconds after I requested. That was great.

  • also the transition altitude was correct

Feel free to send me a message on discord or here in the IFC when your next training session is as I would like to take part of it.

All in all a very good ATC session from what I saw 🙂

Thank you Lars! I find I am usually late with the runway exit commands so I will work on that. Thanks for helping out and I’ll let you know next time I have a training session!

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sorry. I was at school :(

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