Pilot behavior on ES

Hi everyone! Over the summer, I havent been too active on the community or flying on the app (my subscription was done from entire June until late July), but one thing that I have noticed recently is the rise of inappropriate and/or unrealistic behavior on the expert server. Just today in Seattle, I noticed an F22 coming REALLY close to AV-DANs Q400 on the live stream, and not following the taxiway routes as he/she should have. It is really frustrating, because I think that the expert server is a place where people like to enjoy as close to real realism as posible, but trolls who belong in the casual server are really succeeding in ruining peoples experiences on the ES. I was curious what, if anything, I can do to maybe try and stop this trolldom from happening - or to try and avoid it altogether.

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Hey mate, yes it has been a common issue recently, however, this thread has been made to keep track of all this. Please post it here Shocking behavior on the Expert Server


Ah ok. Sorry I didn’t mean to post an extra topic on the issue. This should probably be closed. Thanks!