Pilot behavior is everyone's responsibility

It seems everyday we are getting complaints on the forum about bad pilot behavior on both the Advanced and Playground servers. Let’s take s minute and clarify each servers role. The Playground is the training grounds for the Advanced server. People have the mis conception that because it’s the playground the rules for the Advanced server on it can be extremely fluffed. This is not the case the same rules apply to the Playground as they do the Advanced the only difference is the training ATC doesn’t have the power to ghost you. With that said the Advanced server is for serious pilots that want the most realistic experience that can be had on a sim and controllers have the ability to ghost you for non compliance. How ever we are seeing a large increase of frustrated advanced controllers with pilots not following direction which brings us to our topic it’s everyone’s responsibility. As a pilot if you hear a controller more then once state to an aircraft to follow direction take it under your power to report them as they will more then likely affect your traffic flow as well. Pilots need to be vigilant with this both in the Playground and Advanced. It is the only way this will be beneficial in the long run is if we as pilots step up to the plate and say enough is enough. The report user button is there for a reason please use it.

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Someone find this pilot and tell him to stay off the expert server. As soon as the ATC left he decided to act the fool on final…

I think you cant do anything besides reporting them actually. I would always report “Peanuts” when I witness his stupid acts

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Well he is put on blast!