Pilot becomes Miss Universe Belgium!

Just yesterday, Angeline Flor Pua, of Antwerp, a Belgian-Filipino model became appointed the title of Miss Universe Belgium 2019.

Aside from the crown and modeling, she is also a pilot! Angeline has trained with Emirates as a captain during her reign as Miss Belgium 2018 and previously has trained for solo flying in single-engine aircraft and in the B-737NG. It is unclear whether or not Angeline wishes to return to the sim too soon in preparation for Miss Universe, but she is aiming to go back to Emirates to start training again in the A380.

The reason I’m sharing this today is that it is International Day of the Girl. I myself campaign for female involvement in the aviation industry, and I’m very proud to show Angeline’s story.

You can see some of Angeline’s life and her aviation journey at her youtube channel, and expect to see her on the Miss Universe stage live this January in Manila, Philippines. 😁



Meh, not really interested in those modelling shows or whatever they are.


That wasn’t really so much the point of this, but yes, haha I didn’t think that aspect is too important to the aviation community.

Totally thought her instructor was Bill-Nye the science guy for a second, I think that’s my que to hit the hey… 😂


Update: I am a pageant coach (and a big avgeek, don’t come for me haha) so I will contact Angeline on who she plans on being a commercial pilot for! She is saying she is a commercial pilot currently, but some things are still unclear. Will report back when I get the answer.

Filipinos are the best hehehehehe


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