Pilot at CYYZ

Hello, I would like to report a pilot, Identifier:8709EDA8, Callsign: Air Canada 2798 Super of misconduct at CYYZ. Can a IFATC supervisor please report him? I can provide explain and replay evidence of what he did wrong.


If there is IFATC present at the airport they will take care of it. As long as it is a punishable offense.

There isn’t.

What’d they do…?

Hey, I would message @ moderators to see if there’s anything they can do about it. 👍

I’ll send a message to @moderators. This can be closed!

On Expert, if you notice such behaviour again, it’s best to immediately PM a mod or an IFATC supervisor on here so they can spawn in and report the pilot.

Right now he is still in the area, is any mod available?

There’s no controller at CYYZ right now… Unless your talking about Radar.

Someone is opening soon

You mind telling Radar?

Controllers cannot report things they didn’t see. Like mentioned above, contact @moderators.

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Forget it. By the time he gets what he deserves, it’s probably too late. Mods can close this.

I was at CYYZ last night and that guy was there I remember

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