[Pilot and Registration Has Been Identified] A Cessna 414 Has Crashed in New Jersey, Killing One

First the 737, now the 414. Lets the groundings begin.


eh, I wouldn’t say grounding yet. if the cause of the crash is related to the other one in California, they may talk about grounding it.


Next up A220 starts engine issues.

I don’t want to be a party pooper here, but generally small accidents like this are not allowed to be covered here…

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I mean hey, ya never know. the cirrus jet was grounds for a few months.

This actually made national headlines. Check the post.

I know, but generally we are not allowed to cover general aviation accidents, look at this section on the rules:

“As it is an unfortunate truth that there are many small aviation incidences on a daily basis. We ask that you refrain from posting about these on the forum. This is due to the volume of topics we would otherwise get that would clog up the forum and dilute productive discussion of other topics.”



We will see what the mods say.

@KPIT. MaxSez: Your. Reading the guidance out of context.
It state “ many small aviation incidences on a daily basis.“. This Topic deals with an “Accident” and not an “Incident”. Believe this item is spot on, An “Incident” as defined by the FAR is no loss of life or hull loss.
GA are fair game, the AvSafety” Stat’s put GA at the top of the loss leader board. Care to discuss it, PM pls.
Regards, Max


I’m not the mods, but if you look back at previous topics I don’t think I’m taking it count of context here, look at all these similar topics closed for that reason…

@KPIT @Maxmustang Please don’t argue here. You guys are the older ones and role models of the forums. Take this to a PM :)

Wow, I just got grouped in the age bracket of @Maxmustang, you might be over estimating me there, or underestimateing him, lol… 🤪😂

will do, sorry about that, I was just trying to show my evidence there…

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Adding onto @KPIT 's point.

There is a problem with these types of threads and that is there are too many aviation accidents to keep a track of. Yes this is a tragic event which took place but there are many more which occur on a daily basis.

In the last seven days there have been over 55 aviation accidents worldwide resulting in 31 deaths. (Source) There are just too many and it’s gotten to the point where there is multiple aviation accidents everyday. You could also see this from the weekly reports @Maxmustang would share where there were tons of accidents which occured during the week.


Regardless of “this post isn’t allowed” there’s a learning point from every aviation accident so I fully support talking and discussing them.

Cessna 414- I have probably 500-700 hours in the Twin Cessna series, (Mainly C-421’s) which is essentially the same aircraft. Small minuscule changes based on the different modes, yes but I also have dozens of hours in the 414 and 414A.

This to me isn’t an engine failure of any sort because you don’t see the torque roll. Asymmetric thrust, full power, etc = uncontrollable roll (Vmc roll) so I don’t believe it lost an engine. The descent is pretty much straight, nose down, wings mostly level which would lead me to suspect a control malfunction, FWD CG issues or most likely, a pilot medical issue. (pilot becomes unconscious, slumps forward onto yoke, yoke can’t turn but is pushed fwd so nose goes down) all speculation.

Note: C-414/421 have an extremely complex fuel system sometimes 6 tanks total. Main, Aux, locker tank on each wing. Fuel balancing is very difficult so this could very easily be a contributing factor.


@anon41771314. MaxSez: I’d call this back and forth a discussion not an argument. Different strokes for different folk! Your point taken, I just fail to recognize the “sensitivity” of the 10%. G’day, Max
(Info: @KPIT)


Facts, anytime two people disagree it has to be a bad thing, but what’s so bad about getting the facts straight? 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Update 3 has been posted.

With that in mind, I think I heard a theory on terrorism or even the pilot seeking revenge on somebody.

Breaking: More details have been found in the investigation of the pilot.

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