Pilot and flight attendant secrets!

I found this and read it and it was surprisingly interesting to read. Most of these are probably true but I’m not sure about the last one about hijacks though.


What airlines are still operating 60 year old planes?


I have no idea lol!

Sleeping??true but just found out they find the other pilot asleep

I can think of a cargo airline that might be:
Kalitta Air with their 742s?

Kalitta’s oldest active aircraft is 33.3 years old :/

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“I don’t get paid enough to care if you make your connection”. That´s a nice one.


“How to tell from the ground if a plane is being hijacked.
If the plane is being hijacked when the pilot lands they will leave the wing flaps up that slow the plane down, this is to signal the airport that there is something happening in the plane”.

But pilots raise the flaps after they enter the taxiway.


I think it means the spoilers. Flaps and spoilers are usually retracted upon exiting the runway. If left extended, something may be wrong. That’s my guess by what he means anyway.


To be honest, why does the flying public have to know these? All it does is exacerbate the already irrational fear that planes are unsafe and that a pilot will fall asleep behind the “wheel” (To use car terminology-Yoke or stick for aviation if you’re picky) and crash into another “jumbo jet”

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Unless its Snoop Dog the one flying, nobody should be afraid.


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Haha lol soul plane

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