Pilot Alliance- Conecting Pilots To VA's

Hello and Welcome to Pilot Alaince, we are a brand new VA aimed at connecting Pilots new and experienced to VA’s.
Our pilots will be able to fly for all our Partner airlines, for different amount of times depending on VA needs. This would allow small VA’s to have extra pilots for small periods of time.

We will also accept larger VA’s who’s pilot could fly for the smaller ones.

If you have any feedback or want to join please comment below or PM me.


Looks good. You might want to get someone to edit the sight like grammar and such but otherwise awesome website

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Good luck from United Virtual!

Thanks yeh my grammars not always the best

I would be interested as I have access to all regions and have some spare time between my duties with IFM-IFMES

Okay I’ll PM you with more deatails

Thank you!! Can I PM you about it??

We still need pilots and VA’s large or small reply to this and I’ll PM you about how you can join

So what exactly is this? Is it like a pilots union? But virtual.

No it’s based to enable smaller VA’s to have pilots to run there routes temporarily

We are still recruiting much like our parent Island Air

Please check this out!!

If you guys are going to direct new pilots to VAs, feel free to direct them to Generic Airlines, as we accept all grade level pilots.

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