Pile up of airplanes!

Look at this!

Glad I don’t have to fly on TS anymore 😂

So sad to see aircraft taxiing through each other (even on training/casual)

There’s the new #screenshots-and-videos topic, replacing any dedicated screenshot thread.

TS1…not surprised.

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Oops, I haven’t been on this forum since early last year…

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I don’t even know what to call this I mean there is a F22 kissing a KLM E-175 or something like that

This reminds me of a few days ago at an IRL airport I saw from the terminal 3 planes that were in a bit of a jam since all 3 kinda needed to go whare the other planes were if that makes sense. Since they were real pilots in real planes with real ATC, it was all good, but I sat there watching the whole thing thinking “what woild have happened on casual?” probably exactly what’s pictures above… 😂