Pilatus PC-6 Porter

The Pilatus aircraft are amazing aircraft both to look at and to fly.The PC6 is a world famous STOL aircraft and
taildragger and deserves to be on infinite flight.

tell me what you think.



This has been requested before. Although the last reply was in November, I’m not sure what the rules are about that.

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I’ll leave you to our trusted mods. You have posted on the wrong category. Move it to Features

Oh. thanks for telling me. I must have overlooked this post when I was checking.
Do you know if anyone requested the PC6 yet?

thanks again

I don’t think so. Feel free to make a separate thread for the PC6 :) Or edit this thread to aim at the PC6.

thanks for your help

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Since no one has requested PC-6 I edited the topic title and moved it to #features.

Welcome to the community :)


A regular just changed the title and category for this post, I recommend you edit the text of this topic to aim at the PC6.

@Maxmustang 's favorite aircraft

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nice. that’s what I’m talking about

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PC-6 has my vote for next new aircraft in IF 🙏


I would more recommend the PC12ng ;) perfect turboprop to compete with the actual C208


Yes! Keep waiting for some decent ga turboprops. I would take anything and fly a lot more