Pilatus PC-12

I’ve read some people talking about the PC-12 but nobody has requested this. I think this is a nice aircraft and we actually need some smaller ones.
Picture: Wikipedia


Looks nice, Traewind Aviation uses them to fly to ACK and BOS from TEB and HPN

Sorry mate, looks like its been requested before. Nonetheless, good request!

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Oh, sorry. It doesn’t appear when you search for “Pilatus PC-12”.


No problem ;-) We do all errors ;-)

Honestly, the search bar is flawed. You have to search every part of what you type which is stupid imho. I found it through typing PC-12 but if you search “Pilatus PC-12” it completely ignores to find the PC-12 part and it focuses on the “Pilatus.” Not your fault at all.

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ITS different livery tho both looks amazing!!