Pilatus PC-12 Texas Style

Hello IFC,
Today I got the great opportunity to fly in a Pilatus Pc-12 with a pilot that is based at the FBO I worked at. He went down to Tyler, Texas to fly the clients sons to a summer camp for a few weeks. We left after lunch and made it down there. We got some fuel and headed out for lunch! For lunch we got some Thai food that was really good and than headed back to wait on our passengers and flew back to Little Rock. We cruised at FL.220 going to Texas and FL.250 on the way home with light chop the whole flight!


Wait, you’re in Tyler, Texas and you get Thai food? I’m all for Thai food but sir…
Anyways hope you enjoyed your short little hop over to Texas!

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Captain wanted Thai Food🤷🏻‍♂️. It was good though, I enjoyed it


We missed each other by 1 hr. Hopefully I left some cookies for you guys 😂😂

Dang man. Wish we could have met up. We left Tyler about 6 this afternoon and they didn’t have any when we arrived

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