Pilatus Announcing a New Aircraft!

Pilatus announcement

Pilatus Aircraft, a well-known Swiss aircraft manufacturer, just announced a new “Basic Trainer” which will be presented at the Dubai Air Show on November, 15th.
Personally, I’m very excited as I love Pilatus aircraft and I think it will definitely amazing!
What is your opinion? Fell free to comment down below!


New censored picture of the cockpit which already looks amazing!!

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can not wait for whatever aircraft Pilatus has in store for us

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im so keeeeen love the pilatus aircraft

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It looks similar to the PC-9 but it’s still awesome!! Just have a look at the cockpit!

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It looks like the the combination of an WW2 plane and a PC12, but


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Sounds awesome but idk how to feel about a “smart” trainer

“Trainer” implies that it’s training the pilot (no way!) so pilots ought to be trained how to actually fly the plane