Piers Before the Runway at SFO

An iconic part of the approach into SFO on the 28’s is its piers just before the runway. I am proposing a representation of these piers in infinite flight I am not proposing 3D piers . Here is the picture of what they look like from the cockpit:

Credit"The Jethog Blog"

On final for one of the 28’s there are no lights in the water.
Thank you for reading and I hope you consider voting!

One picture per request.

Didnt know that, thanks for letting me know.



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And also make sure to vote for your own feature.

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I really also pray for ALS (Approaching Light System). Even of it is overlaid automatically by the apps.


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Although this would be a cool feature to have, I really think there are more important things the Devs are working on and this might come in an update a long ways away.

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I feel like we almost need a thread called “unique airport features we would like”


KBOS and other airports should get this too if SFO ends up getting it.

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The thing about this is that it should only take a few minutes from the airport editing team to add white and red lights in the water with a line sticking out into the water.

Do I have permission to make that thread? It was your idea.

Go for it!

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I agree. This would be good

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Rip that thread.

I honestly think this would be covered by the request for enhanced ground approach lighting.

The editors do not edit the individual lights and are not going to draw individual piers. The runways are already set up for approach lighting if and when it gets enabled in the sim.