Pie’s photoshop tracking thread - now removing black sun!

Hey everyone!

I’ve recently been taking up photoshopping in IF as a hobby, and I decided to start a tracking thread for my creations. Please request anything you want from me (I don’t really do livery requests, but I’ll try.) and I will do my best! I specialize in creating the illusion of aircraft flying with each other, but all of these were taken in solo mode. Here’s some works I’ve completed:

Hope everyone enjoys!



That’s quite nice Pie, very lovely!

Awesome photoshops man. I would try getting a tower shot of a bunch of aircraft parked at a terminal. Only say tower because it would be the easiest for you ;) I’ve tried to do this with videos and it’s very hard to get everything perfect with camera locations and zoom

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Why thank you! It feels good to be appreciated.

Very nice creations there mate!

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Yeah. The hard part is (if I’m not copying/pasting aircraft) isn’t getting the angle just right.

I’m going to try something like that now, I’ll tag you when I’m done.

Thanks @Tish!


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You should feel appreciated anyway, not just because of these photos

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For sure. At least we now have a widget for camera location. Hopefully we’ll get more camera settings in the future

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Can you elaborate please??

When you’re flying, on your customizable bottom bar there’s a setting to show you precise “camera Location”

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I’ll check it out now.

Thanks very much!

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Gosh this is hard.

I can manage like 2 different planes but an entire gate full is suuper hard. Sorry.

No worries. I had a hard time just trying to get a plane to taxi past the wing view of another aircraft. Infinite Flight is really the hard part


I’m going to try something else, I’ll notify when done.

Can’t wait to see it. Btw, do you have any experience with After Effects?

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I’ve been doing this all on an iPad, not a computer.

I find photoshop on the computer too expensive.

Oh. I’ve got all the Apple Pro Apps so I’ve been using Motion for the “videoshops” I don’t think it’s as good as After Effects but I’m just bias to it. Lol

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I’ve finished! Not my favorite piece, but I think it’s not too shabby.

(I love the KLM livery :)


Crap I forgot the shadows. I’ll fix that real quick.


fixed it


You should really do a nostalgia photoshop, and get a few 737s with the hover plane bug hanging out at KHAF

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