Pie chart glitch

@Starz @DeerCrusher
So, apparently pie charts are pretty buggy. They reload like every 3 seconds and spin around, showing and reshowing poll results even when someone hasn’t voted after that.

Do you have a video/pictureof this problem?

chromebook has no working camera

Chrome books can take screenshots.

Press Control + That weird box with 2 lines beside it

You need to show us something visual that we can see. So the problem can be looked at! :)

Screenshots wont be able to help. It would have to be a screen recording for it to be useful.

What the OP is talking about can be found in this thread: What is this?

To my understanding, this isn’t a bug. For me they reload whenever i scroll up/down then scroll back to the chart and then does it reload.

This may be a bug though, however i haven’t been able to recreate it.

Not buggy on my end. Might be the hamster you’re plugged into. 😜


I blame all the users who feel the need to make a poll on every existing topic and contribute to those existing ones regarding questions by creating a poll. It’s a pie chart… not that exciting really. Probably my least favourite graph/chart


Maybe @MapleAir221 you were spilting a poll in half (half on the screen half off) and it kept thinking it had to reload? Just a thought…

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