PID - Player ID

Instead of “Who is XXXX?” “Who was ATC in XXXX?” and same topics you just can watch Player ID (In our case it can be Pilot ID, or CID - Controller ID), copy it (if necessary) and paste in IFC search box to find user instead of creating new topic. PID/CID will be connect IF account and IFC account to help moderators, controllers and pilots to find players and write them.

After creating Infinite Flight account you need to login with the same account on IFC. If you have few accounts, you can write a moderator to sign it all to your one IFC account

You can meet this system in many games. It’s comfortable system, which FDS should add in the future. Vote if you want to see it.

Great idea! I will certainly vote once I get this issue fixed.


Great idea! If someone is behaving inappropriately it would be great to know who they are even if they change their name all the time. Good Luck!


The more I think about this, the more sense it makes. Nice idea - voted!

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