How do you take pictures? I don’t know what its called but the one with airspeed groundspeed and yoke etc…

Could you explain further? I’m having a hard time understanding.

Are you talking about taking screenshots?
If you are then let me know what device you use and it’ll vary how you’re able to take a screenshot

Like a screenshot? Could you be a bit more specific?

Yes Screenshots exactly

As a well-known photographer in the sim, it’s done by pressing home and power at the same time on iOS devices.

If you’re on Apple, hit the home and power down button at the same time.

For Android, press the volume down and power buttons at the same time.

Ios Screenshots

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I mean how do you remove the like airspeed gs and the yoke below

There are two methods. One in the game settings turn on interface timeout. Or you can crop it out after taking the picture.

Settings>General>Hide Status Bar

Also, make sure you’re interface timeout is NOT set to never.

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Look at what I set for the first two.

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Thats what i mean ☺thank you very much

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Here are the steps in pictures for you: