Pictures You Can Hear | Spotting @Luke Air Force Base 12/9/20

Hello IFC!
I hope everyone is making the best of the time left in this year! Last week, I traveled to Phoenix with my family to get a quick break from the cold. During this time, I was able to go to Luke AFB and go spotting. This was my first official time spotting only military aircraft which I was very excited about! I got up relatively early to make sure that I could maximize the limited amount of time I had out there. The first location I went to was on the southwest side of the airport on N Alsup Rd for runway 3L arrivals. Later in the morning, I moved over to the north side of the runway for departures over W Northern Ave. The lighting on this day was nearly perfect and I highly recommend spotters take the time to spot here. Over the 4 hours I spent out there, I saw dozens of aircraft movements and never had to wait more than 10 minutes for another group of fighters to land or takeoff. I plan on coming back here next time I am in Phoenix! Anyways, on to the photos!

Here’s an F-35 launching up and into a sharp turn after breaking formation with another F-35:

Here’s an F-16 landing on runway 3L:

Here’s a different F-16 following close behind 704 for landing:

Another F-16 begins an early flare over the markings on 3L:

Here are two F-35s breaking formation over the runway before making an approach for 3L:

The following three images are of the first F-35 as seen in the picture above. Typically the aircraft fly in flights of four and land in groups of two. The pair of aircraft will overfly the runway in formation and then break formation with the aircraft on the left going first. Then the first aircraft circles around and lands while the second aircraft follows close behind:

Here’s an F-35 breaking formation as seen from the north side of the airport:

And finally here is an F-16 roaring out of the base with afterburner on. This was the only aircraft I saw depart while on the north side of the airport with it’s afterburner which I was not expecting. After getting this photograph I struggled to continue to take pictures of this departure as the noice became almost unbearable. I was fine afterwards only some mild ringing:

All photos were taken with my Canon Rebel T6

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Be sure to check out my Instagram! You can view more photos taken by me here: 👇

Thank you for viewing my photos! If you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions, I would love to hear them! Also, comment your favorite below! Stay safe and healthy everyone!


Teacher: you can’t hear pictures

All memes aside, great shots as usual, Watts! You don’t know how jealous I am rn


Wowww! These jets look sick! Nice shots


Very nice photos!

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Sorry but not sorry 🙃

Thank you!

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These are some amazing photos! It’s nice to see some military aircraft spotting. Maybe some ear protectors are on the shopping list :)

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Never underestimate the power (or really the sound) of military aircraft lol! Thank you!

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i think my ears are broke. i don’t hear nothin

nice pics tho :))

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Holy Moly! These are amazing! I definitely should try spotting at Luke one time! Although I thought you’d get asked to leave since it’s a military base.

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The locations are actually off the base so they can’t do anything. You should check it out sometime!

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Yes wattsyyy. I better meet you Sunday 🥺

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I hope so!

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Definitely will!

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Yeah you won’t regret it 👍

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Wow. What beautiful content. I am beyond impressed. Incredible. Great. Wonderful. Amazing. Fire. Dope. Photographs.


Awesome pictures watts!

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I agree with what this man said


Those are some really inspiring words thank you

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Everyone reading this who isn’t on the inside