Pictures That Never Made It

Hello, IFC,

As some of you may know, I go spotting as soon as I have time, so that results in a lot of plane pictures.

I post a lot of them here, but still, I took 3,000+ in 2020 alone so…

I have to chose the best of the best,
Bit here are some pictures from this year that I think need some credit… at least just a bit…

They would have all been the 11th photo in my spotting topics but I can’t do that.


Here we go.

A Mesa CRJ-900 taking off from KPSP

An Alaska Airlines E175 taking off from KPSP…
I tried pan shots…
They’re really bad…
Never again

Back to normal pics 😉

A Lockheed T33 flying around the desert

…and the best one yet…


For @SB110 and @anon38496261 (I can tag you too if you want to be mentioned when I post birbs)

Thank You!

Which is your favorite?

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when theres 4 photos but 5 voting options




My bad

There are 4 now

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@infiniteflight_17 has chosen the wrong answer on the poll smh.

Anyways, nice photos! Especially the birb.


The third picture is a Grumman F9F panther i believe

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add back 5 we need birb

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Awww, what a cute little birdie! Pic 4 is definitely my favourite!


The pan shots are actually amazing!

These are all amazing!


The birb is cute too :)


Uh, 4 is bird my friend, and for some unknowable reason it’s currently winning by some margin…

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Nice photos as usual

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Photo No.3 is a Lockheed T-33

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Correct! Good job!

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Pans are hard at first but don’t quit doing them. I sucked at them, but now I’m way better at them and usually get some nice pans every time I go spotting

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