Pictures of my trip to LHR to Dubai to Pakistan

Here Is a picture of the amazing A380-800 that I was going to fly in. When I entered the lounge I nearly let out a loud gasp.

Coming into Dubai.

Casually 3 A380…

And that’s it :( I have videos but it won’t let me upload it, if anyone knows please tell me.


Probably best if you upload them to YouTube and then link to them from here. I’m not sure FDS are happy for us to fill the forum too full of photos and videos because it costs them additional hosting fees.

I didn’t know that, I will only keep it on 3 but I was so excited that I took so many.

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Nothing wrong with that at all! I think if I’d been on an A380 I’d be taking a fair few photos too.

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That A380 did look fantastic.

I once flew on a 380 from New York to Dubai, then got on a 777-300ER to Tehran Iran.

To go on A380 is one of my dreams!

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