pictures of my flight to the FNF.

2 pictures of my flight today to the FNF In Singapore! :)

Colombo departure.

( I was the SriLankan Airlines Airbus
A330-300 exiting the runway right there )

Flight Informations :

Server : Expert Server
Aircraft : SriLankan Airlines A330-300
Origin : Colombo,Srilanka ( VCBI )
Destination : Singapore Changi ( WSSS )
Callsign : SriLankan 308
Display Name : IF CRUISER IFGC.
Flight Time : 3hr 55 Minutes.

I love SriLankan Airlines and It’s Livery a lot! I’m glad they added It to IF! Who else does?😍


Cool! That FNF was pretty fun!

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Nice shots! Remember you from my session :)

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Happy to hear! :) You did an amazing Job controlling all those aircrafts! 😁 Have a nice day! @AsternAviation

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It really was fun! 😁

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Awesome captures! It was fun!

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Thanks! Indeed, It was really fun!

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