Pictures Needed (for SA website)

i will give credit to people who contribute photos.

I need photos of the following aircraft from the direct side (nose pointed to the right), time: noon and at a gate of LEMD. Anti aliasing is also a requirement and your graphics settings have to be on high.

  • A318 (ACJ Livery 1)
  • 737-900 (BBJ3)
  • 717 (Generic)
  • C208 (Private 1)
  • MD11 (Private)
  • 737-700 BBJ (Silver Livery (can’t remember which number, I think it’s 3))

I will credit the people on the VA pirep form where the photos will be located.

These pictures are for SSVA (SilverSwiss VA)

I would recommend posting these sort of updates on your thread, take a read of this.

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I have changed the category. please can you provide photos?

I’ll go and shoot some soon 👌

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No I cannot provide these pictures sorry, I would recommend asking someone in your VA.

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can a mod close this? i have freed up enough space on my ipad to take my own pics.

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