Pictures Needed [Delta A319, Alaska Airlines 737-700, Alaska Airlines 737-800, Alaska Airlines 737-900]


I am doing a project and I need pictures of a Delta A319, EasyJet A320, and Virgin America A319, separately. Please submit all your photos, photoshops are ok (@Jompa).


ill see what i can make out of these liveries


Ok, please get them as quick as possible. But don’t rush, you cannot rush quality.

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i mean most of my photoshops are done in 1 day or less but ill spend more time on these


For the delta one. With the free camera I was thinking of plane spotting view of you don’t mind :)

Virgin America doesn’t have an A319 here.

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Please help me and get the photos.

Sorry, I meant A320

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Yep, I need help. Get some artsy photos though.

Heres one my friend

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All delta

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Thanks so much!

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How do you rate them?

I will see tommorow

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Here’s my entries :)

EasyJet at EGNX in London

Virgin America at KSFW in New York

Delta at KCLT in Charlotte


Here you go.

Thank you!

Is their anyway I could get pictures exactly like this of the Easyjet A319, Delta 737, Delta 777, Delta ERJ-175, and Delta 787-8?

Here is a easyjet