Pictures Media Recruitment

Pictures Media📸 Is still in need of staff before the IF 2016 Olympics begin! If you could please pm my advisor and temporary secretary @Captain_Rojas if you are willing to join! Here are spots open:

Executive Publisher (Part of the Board): a380fan
Executive Editor (Part of the Board): @Cessna_Driver
Head Photographer: @LiamKirk
Photographer: @GordenW
Photographer: @AdamCallow
Podcast: @Wren_Jago
Permanent Secretary (Part of the Board):
Photo editing wiz: @Jompa
YouTube Staff of 3: @Zachary_Meir_Tish @Oli_H
YouTube content designer: Zachery_Meir_Tish
Website designer: @Bluepanda900

The website link is back in service my friends!!! :)

Please fill this form out before contacting Captain_Rojas or myself. This form will help us decide if maybe you have what we need or maybe if you deserve a different spot, where your talents vary from ours! Just a little thing. Please fill out all required answers as well as no required! No trolling or you will be flagged and talked to!
Thank you once again for your patience as this whole new form/test idea is taking so,e time to fully create. If you want to join and like one of the spots below…click the link 🙃

-508 (Head of Staff at Pictures Media📸)


This thread will be opened till the first day of the Olympics! I’m in contact with the leader of it. Please pm me or my secretary and I’ll bring you onboard for Pictures Media📸 Corporation

I’m so confused? This is your 3rs topic about the IFO PM! I’m confused!

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Hey pm me if You have any questions my friend

This is my topic about recruitment for this company. The others are related to the Olympics and my company’s involvement in them. This one is purely for the inner organization in PMO📸

Something not mentioned before…there will be an employee award ceremony at the end with a thread dedicated to thanking that member. There will also be a “company party” at the end with a flight in the Amsterdam region and joking and funness ;) in the slack (kept to appropriate topics)

Employees will be laid off at the end of the Olympics depending on if they are needed! All are appreciated just once the Olympics end I won’t need interviewers etc. but I hope to keep the company running even after that.
So just a little news flash for any potential listeners. Please vote in the poll below if y are interested and contact me! :) have a blessed night everyone

  • Hey I’m interested! Let’s talk
  • Not really my thing
  • Wish I could but can’t

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I am currently interested in Permenant Secretary and Executive Editor. :)

Alright let’s talk 😎

I sent a PM to your secretary but I heard nothing back ;(

Check this amazing website out

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