Pictures Media Photo Comp [CLOSED]

Pictures Media📸 Has decided to grant outside assistance in planning its logo for the 2016 Infinite Flight Olympics!
Please be advised that members of the individual teams are only allowed to submit one photo per team. Those not involved or affiliated with a team of the IF Olypimcs may submit multiples. The winner of the competition will receive mention in Pictures Media News and have his signature beneath the logo for the entire forum to view.

What Pictures Media📸 is looking for:

The traditional Olympic Rings
A camera and an aircraft weaved in

Only one offer per team
Must contain the items mentioned in the above
Must have your signature in the bottom in very small print so as to not deviate attention to the logo

After the fact: Pictures Media📸 Is always looking for energetic, cordial staff. If you are interested comment below or pm my secretary @Captain_Rojas. You can join our Slack with a quick email exchange. We look forward to welcoming you in!
Note: Pictures Media📸 Is not responsible for any negative experiences once joined.


what do you mean by camera?

Something to the effect of this 📸

can it be multiple planes?

That is the purpose of the competion! Do what you most desire. And reread the thread as I have updated it since we last spoke

nearly done

is this good @SkyHighGuys

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@Oli_H it looks very well drawn and thought out! I can appreciate the amount of work that must have taken.
However and here I cringe, I would like to see some first in photo edited programs. But thank you for your entry. As of now it remains the only one :)

i know about that. i’ll try converting it into photoshop

If you can do that it will become an outstanding entry :) 👍🏼📝

thank you. any tips for it?

I see you joined our slack please continue conversations over there. This thread is for entries :)

So anyone can submit a design?

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I’ll work on this tomorrow, PM me to remind me on making a logo if you’d like, but for now I’ll bookmark it. :)

Anyone can submit a design! The more the better, I just don’t want to many designs from one team where there may be a potential bias to out your teams colors in

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Okay guys we still need so,e more entries!!! :)

I’m confused. Would taking a screenshot in Infinite flight count? And what do you mean by there has to be a camera?

I’ll try lol, may not be the best.

Okay so here’s the plan. It can be used off of a pc or mobile photo editing program…but I need a picture of an aircraft with a black floating camera and the tradition nelly colored rings. You can mesh them together put them to the side any way you want to! If you want to take a screenshot and add the rings and camera in that’s perfectly fine!