Pictures in Feature Requests

Hello Community,

Here is a reminder of the guidelines to the Features category:

You may have noticed that we’ve been lenient with the “No pictures” rule. However, this will not be the case any longer. Feature requests must follow the guidelines above and, unless a moderator approves, the No pictures rule will be strictly enforced.

Approval to post pictures in a feature request will be very limited. This “approval” protocol is designed to give users some freedom to post pictures in feature requests, but we don’t want feature requests to have pictures when they’re clearly not needed. Moderators will only approve pictures to feature requests if (in their opinion):

a) The request cannot be explained specifically and concisely without pictures or;

b) If the picture will significantly improve the way other users (or developers) understand the feature request.

Any feature requests containing pictures without moderator approval will be closed.


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No, it doesn’t.

Yes, PM one of the active moderators:


Why does everyone always forget about me?!


@carmalonso I added you ;)

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I kinda liked being forgotten and laying low, but it is part of my job after all so I probably can’t do that forever. ;)


It’s because it uses up too much space on the discourse severs which FDS have to pay for.

The servers that this forum runs on.

Everything costs money to run really. They wanted it most likely to connect to members who enjoy infinite flight. They want to spend as less money on forums as possible because they have to spend it elsewhere.

@Swang007 @jooeball Why can’t pictures not be stored locally? When you post pictures, you can see that the system makes an edit by downloading local copies, but it seems to work just fine without local copies?


I honestly don’t know and I’ve wondered that myself.

Pictures are stored locally, we have no problem with that, however we ask people to post on Flickr (or similar) and embed if they’re posting a large quantity of pictures (as @jooeball said, hosting costs money - this community is provided for free as it is an awesome tool for connecting users worldwide, but we ask this to try and prevent storing unnecessary pictures, such as real world aviation galleries, etc. that can be easily stored elsewhere). :)

The main reason we don’t have pictures in feature requests is because they usually aren’t necessary - if people ask for a certain type of aircraft, the chances are somebody already knows what it looks like, or can easily find out online. As @swang007 mentioned, we can make exceptions if pictures are going to help the developers and other users understand the idea better (such as UI improvements or similar ‘complex’ feature requests).

I hope this has clarified your question :)