Pictures I Never Uploaded

Every picture you are about to see is something I intended to post, but didn’t like how it looked or just didn’t look “post worthy”. Why not make a topic on them so they don’t get lost in my camera roll forever :p

Details are located under the picture.

Lufthansa A340 above some part of Germany. Reason for not uploading: color noise is terrible

C130 near Zürich. Reason for not uploading: too basic, not creative, bad angle

Alaska Q-400 taking off from KBFI. Reason for not uploading: picture would be wayyyy too white and would look weird if edited

Atlas Air 747-400 taking off, forgot which airport. Reason: not creative enough

Frankfurt airport. Reason: no plane, too shiny

Air Canada 777 above earth. Reason: idk actually, I just never got to uploading it


In what way is this not creative enough? The Atlas 747-400 is quite underused in Infinite Flight


Idk, just an unoriginal angle

777s GE90 is amazing lol

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If the 777 can do that, the F22 can do this


If I got enough speed 😂

not bad though.
btw that was singapore changi airport WSSS

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looks like the plane rusted, and was about to break apart