Pictures from the Bucket List Challenge Pt.4

Now that I have completed the next 10 destinations on the challenge, taking the total to 40, I have collected the Top 10 Pictures from all of the flights. All flights were performed on the Expert Server. There will only be 1 picture from each destination. The information above the picture is as follows. β€œ[Number of Route] [Destination] ([From where to where]), [Airline and Aircraft].

  1. Chennai (Hong Kong - Delhi), Cathay Pacific B777-300ER

  1. Ulaanbaatar (Hong Kong - Ulaanbaatar), MIAT Mongolian Airlines B737-800 (Generic due to lack of livery)

  1. Seville (Seville - Madrid), Iberia Regional CRJ-1000

  1. Bhutan (Dhaka - Paro), Drukair - Royal Bhutan Airlines ATR 42-300 (Substituted the Dash-8 Q400 in Generic as closest aircraft)

  1. Angkor Wat (Hong Kong - Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam Airlines A350-900

  1. Toronto City Airport (Washington-Dulles - Toronto City), Porter Airlines Dash-8 Q400

  1. Tijuana (Seoul Incheon - Mexico City), AeroMexico B787-8

  1. Caracas (Panama City - Newark), United Airlines B737-900

  1. Tainan City (Hong Kong - Tainan City), Mandarin Airlines E190 (Generic due to lack of livery)

  1. Dubai (Hong Kong - Dubai), Cathay Pacific A330-300

Just in case you are curious, you can find the challenge thread here.

You can also find the previous picture thread here.

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Which Destination Would You Like To Fly To? (IRL or IF)

  • Chennai
  • Ulaanbaatar
  • Seville
  • Bhutan
  • Angkor Wat
  • Toronto City Airport
  • Tijuana
  • Caracas
  • Tainan City
  • Dubai
  • All Of The Above

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I love the pic of the A350

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Thank you, I very much like the angle the Tower cam gave to that!

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Number 37 and 38 looks amazing. Pretty curious how #37 came out to be.( Was it smooth/Would you recommend it?)

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Route number 37 was actually a really smooth flight, nice scenery and a good overnight long haul! I would highly recommend it, however, when I did it there was a 180 knot tailwind and a 180 knot headwind on the return over Korea, but normally that isn’t the case so should be smooth sailing! And thank you, 38 is my favourite!

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Thanks for the info! Might try it out soon!

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