Pictures from the Bucket List Challenge Pt. 13

Now that I have completed the next 10 destinations on the challenge, taking the total to 130, I have collected the Top 10 Pictures from all of the flights. All flights were performed on the Expert Server. There will only be 1 picture from each destination. The information above the picture is as follows. “[Number of Route] [Destination] ([From where to where]), [Airline and Aircraft].

  1. Naypyidaw (Hong Kong - Bangkok), Thai Airways A350-900

  1. Luxor (Paris CDG - Luxor), Nile Air A320 (Generic due to lack of livery)

  1. Grand Prismatic Spring (Yellowstone / Cody - Denver), United Express CRJ-700

  1. Algiers (Paris CDG - Algiers), Air France A220-300

  1. Edinburgh (Beijing PEK - Edinburgh), Hainan Airlines A330-300

  1. Hachijō-jima (Tokyo HND - Hachijō-jima), ANA B737-800

  1. Taj Mahal (Bangalore - Agra), IndiGo A320

  1. La Compagnie Paris Orly to Newark Flight (Paris ORY - Newark), La Compagnie B757-200

  1. Manaus (Manaus - Rio GIG), Gol B737-800

  1. Fès (Istanbul - Hong Kong), Turkish Airlines B777-300ER

Just in case you are curious, you can find the challenge thread here.

You can also find the previous picture thread here.

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Which Destination Would You Like To Fly To The Most? (IRL or IF)

  • Naypyidaw
  • Luxor
  • Grand Prismatic Spring
  • Algiers
  • Edinburgh
  • Hachijō-jima
  • Taj Mahal
  • La Compagnie Paris Orly to Newark Flight
  • Manaus
  • Fès
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Wow, all these places look amazing! Is that Barcelona at the back of the AF A220?

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Thank you! It very well could be, I can’t honestly remember

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All of them are cool!


What mountain range is that last photo? awesome shots!

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Thank you so much!

Thank you! I believe it is the Kulsai Lakes National Park in Kyrgyzstan along its border with Kazakhstan

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