Pictures from the Bucket List Challenge Pt.1

Now that I have completed the first 10 destinations of the challenge, I have collected the Top 10 Pictures from all of the flights and compiled them here. I will post a top 10 every 10 flights done from the challenge. All flights were performed on the Expert Server. If you have a favourite, feel free to let me know!

Sunset Departure from Bangkok back to Hong Kong (Bangkok - Hong Kong)

Cruising Over Southern Bangladesh (Hong Kong - Hyderabad)

Cruising over the Gobi Desert (Hong Kong - Amsterdam)

Sunset Arrival into Heathrow from Hong Kong (Hong Kong - London)

Departing Greenland for Iceland (Nuuk - Keflavík)

Cruise over the Gobi Desert (Heathrow - Hong Kong)

Landing in Bangkok from Hong Kong (Hong Kong - Bangkok)

Thai A380 over the Vietnamese Coast (Bangkok - Hong Kong)

Departure from Hailar with @Swithord (Hulunbuir - Beijing)

Sunset Departure from Helsinki (Helsinki - Hong Kong)

Just in case you are curious, you can find the Challenge thread here.


Nice pictures!!🔥🔥🔥

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Nice try visiting palm tree islands

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Thank you!

They are somewhere on the list of places, I will makes sure to take some pics!

Awesome shots! 😍

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Thank you!

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