Pictures from summer. Last summer

Here are pictures of my vacation, I really fought of posting them so here they are. These are pictures from last year, kinda old but still!


Thats a qatar in the background A330

Landing in berlin in the late summer of 2017


This brings nothing to the forum.

Tell us where you flew from & to, what aircraft, what was good and bad, how the airports were etc…

Hey awesome pictures!!
Unforently as a TL1 You cannot post in #real-world-aviation yet!
Gotta be a TL2, stay active on the forum, comment on post and like things you’ll get there quickly =)


I’m not sure what you mean but okay.

I’ve already stated, that I flew to Berlin and got some amazing photos. What else am I supposed to write. No one initially cares, all they care about is the beauty of the photo! Thanks!