Pictures from my first flight of the Reworked 777-200

Hey guys,
I captured some photos of my first flight in the reworked 777-200, the captions will be written above each picture, enjoy!

Flight Info: Route: KSAN-KLAX, Time (Zulu): ~1000, Flight time: ~20 minutes, Aircraft: American B777-200ER, Server: Training.

Taxi to runway 27 at KSAN across from another American 777-200

Takeoff roll at San Diego showcasing the new gear tilt!

The view of those ginormous engines from the new 3-4-3 configured economy cabin.

Buttery landing on runway 25L at KLAX (showcasing gear tilt again) and 10+ airplanes holding short of 25R in the background.

Three American 777-200ERs next to each other at the Los Angeles’ International Terminal


How did you get this view? I can’t find it on the views toggle list.

He took it from the replay, pause the replay, go to freecam and then position it in the cabin

I now give you… The new most popular airplane on Infinite flight! Woooo Hoooo

great pictures