Pictures and Trailer for Delta Virtual

Hey guys so I don’t have the 787-8 so if one member could send me a picture of he 787-8 delta livery in a pose like flying or landing thanks. I would also appreciate if somebody could make a trailer for Delta Virtual not trying to be a beggar.


Well you sound like one…


Why start a new VA when you have one already?
Please don’t. We have enough as it is, with nothing new happening in each new one. They get a website, a trailer vid and have a few routes and planes selected (some not even from the same airline, but just strung together to make a fleet) and without much thought they release it to the public only to get a few members and fail, leaving wasted space, such as old airplanes sitting in an airplane graveyard.
Please please please please please don’t.


I hope these pics are good.



Here are some more.

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If you are starting Delta…stop! You already have an active va as @dmsk showed. Also I believe others are creating a Delta va.
Check the Virtual Airline Databae for further info on if s va has been created already

thanks for the photos!

it hasn’t it is 100% inactive and it is under construction as it says on the database.

I gave my old one away.

A VA isn’t something you start for a week then leave in the dust you have done this muitiple times

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Don’t create one and just give it away. You need to create one if you had to in the first place and stick with it

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we already have Delta VA

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