Picture Of The Day ***United Airlines*** (MAY 28 2020)

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Made 2020-05-28T17:03:00Z

United A350 Landing at KDEN
United CRJ-700 Spoiler Check at KDEN

Just The CRJ-700

United 737 takeoff at KDEN

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wow great photos I love the 3rd one! edit the polt is worng it shows an average rating :)

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@Elefanths Feel free to PM me a IF photo of yours! I can crop and edit!

I think Number One Is good! What about you?

S A T U R A T I O N, good pics tho.

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Thanks @DanyyRude

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Damn the first one… 😍😍😍

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@CaptainHugh end Me your IF photo for free editing!

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Ok! Good to know for the future!

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@CaptainHugh you can also do it now!

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I like the 1st one it really creates the Illusion that you are on the plane

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@NathanD Always open for your photos too and I can post them, edited with an @!

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Good to know! I might consider it

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Puts a smile on my face

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Making a new edit! look at top!

But the window…

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Common guys! Let’s get some photos! PM or reply!

Maybe one day DEN will actually see some long haul A350 routes. The 737-700 was probably my favorite out of these pics.

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This Is Now Called PICTURE of the day!

Wow, they are some good pictures!

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