Picture needed over Big Bear!

Hello, today I am looking for pictures at

Big Bear City (L35) in SoCal

I’m looking for pictures specifically in a

-737 -700 / 800 / 900
-Q400 Dash 8
-ERJ Family

In generic livery.

Pictures have to be cropped to not show the bar where the gadgets are
Photoshopped Pictures are allowed, but likely not to be picked
Can be filtered (IOS)
Pictures has to be taken in Solo Mode

Pictures will be Judged by Community Likes, Big Bear Staff, CEO and Founder of Big Bear.

Best pictures will be used for a Project and you will be featured in are “book”

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@leQuestions maybe you should change your fleet, since L35 accepts only GA aircraft.


Only single landing gear aircraft allowed.

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I’m not incharge of aircrafts…

Here are some

Grammatical error:
Featured in OUR book.

Not ‘are book’

Sorry! Had to point it out!


It doesn’t matter that you correct the grammatical error because the creator of the topic was suspended.

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