Picture in Picture for IOS 14 - and how this is good for Infinite Flight

So Apple have announced a feature coming to IOS 14 called 'Picture in Picture" and this allows for things like watching movies/taking calls while playing a game.

How is this good for Infinite Flight Players:

Well this means that we can for example take phone calls without having to exit the app and risk our flight ending - also it will make day long hauls less boring because we could watch a movie while the flight is going on. This is a huge step forward and a great feature for Infinite Flight IOS players.


I’ll add that onto this :)

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I’m actually glad that PIP is coming to iPhones. As much as I use my iPad mostly for IF, this feature will really help many.

Ps: iPad users can watch Netflix while flying ;)

Picture in picture will not really change phone calls, but now phone calls will not take up the whole screen.

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You make a lot of assumptions on how things will work. As @Cameron stated on the other IOS topics they will evaluate everything once it comes time.


I believe PIP is coming to ipads as well - however they sorta already have something like that

I thought iOS had a popup notification for phone calls?

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