Picture breaking up

Hi please could someone help my son. When he s trying to play In Solo flight mode the picture breaks up when he hits the camera button. The only working camera angle is HUD!! How can we solve this ??? Many thx.

I believe he’s experiencing this:

If so, could he update to the newest update, as a hotfix was released for this specific bug.


There are similar graphical issues out there. What device are you using? State what setting have you adjusted in the general graphic settings.

More Information here: 👇

that because the picture is taking pictures of different parts of the pic to get the best screen shot
Screenshot or camera part of the plane?

On 737 it’s solved, but on TBM-930 it’s not

Have you attempted to re-install your game to fix this issue?

If HUD works fine but not outside camera could be to do with graphics issues. Maybe your device doesn’t support high resolution graphics. Try changing to low res in settings and anti aliasing. Don’t forget to install new hot fix.

You should try adjusting the texture quality as @schyllberg said. Some devices don’t have the relevant GPU series, on certain Android devices. You should try this on the TBM 930. Please let me know if you did.

Also, please state you device. I have already mentioned this once above. 👍

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