Picture above Plane

Hello Guys.

This is a slightly different feature request but what if we can upload our own picture that will be above our plane and visible for the people around us. For example, I could upload my countries flag so people know where I am from. A few questions people might ask are,

What if a Nimrod uploads an image that isn’t appropriate ?

Answer : I was thinking this Image uploading feature could only be used by people above Grade 4 or 5. If an inappropriate picture is uploade, there is always the reporting function active.

This idea would ruin the whole idea of a Sim and would probably turn it into a game !

Answer : Trolls and Inappropriate callsigns ruin this sim so implementing this idea won’t change anything. It would still be called a sim but with a cool feature.


An Idea of what this could look like.

Thank you and sorry for the long post.

Opinions below.


Would just look messy in my opinion.


I know there are a lot of disadvantages with it but I just wanted to see what people think of it.

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It would really clog up the server with too much data being used… Would make devices run slow and would fill up the screen.

Personally, would not like this at all


It may negatively affect IF’s performance, even more on Live, due to the game having to render the images, consuming more RAM.


People with grade 4 and 5 mostly fly on advance where there are no trolls so it would ruin the realism.

Actually, maybe not as call sign, but as a feature to add pic in information screen, like more detailed player profile

This might be good but

  1. It should be a lot smaller
  2. It should be lower quality so it doesn’t affect gameplay
  3. There should be an option to turn it off

Honestly not a fan of this. It just would look right. Maybe have it only when the plane is visible?

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Too much bandwidth for a plane to be loaded…

Thumbs down for this


I don’t like this idea because it would just clutter the screen and to load all the images it would lag a lot.


Nice idea, but wouldn’t all the pictures get way to clustered? For example when you are waiting in line for take-off at FNF with about 15 other planes?

This would get cluttered very quickly; it already is a bit too cluttered for my personal taste right now with too much info “flashing”.


Thats also what I was thinking ^^^

What about if the pictures were uploaded on the plane itself even though you wouldnt be able to see them from far away?

So I think no one liked the idea. Anyways thank You guys for sharing your thoughts :)


I get an idea with this feature request !!! Thanks !!

Two things, this would block a lot of someone’s view, and it’d lag even more, it’s bad enough that I don’t hide user names, I’d just hide the pictures as well. Worthless.

I agree with the sentiment that it would block the view. I don’t have ‘names above planes’ turned on in settings, so I guess I wouldn’t see that anyway, but in my opinion the names on top are enough, and streamline Live.

How long until someone would abuse that with offensive pictures.