Pics of my flight ORBI - OJAI

Here’s some pics of me and @Ahmed1‘s flight together.

Server: Training
Flight Time: 1hr & 18mins
Route: Baghdad, Iraq (ORBI) - Amman, Jordan (OJAI)
Runways: 33L (Takeoff) 26L (Landing)

me & Ahmed

Taxiing to RWY 33L

A parallel takeoff (RWY 33L


Cool moon shot

Descending into RWY 26L

Airport in site A safe landing at Amman, Jordan (OJAI)

It was a fun adventure doing a short-haul flight down to OJAI.

which was your favorite pic?
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Nice pics !

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I love that livery! But isn’t it Iraq?

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yes, i was in a rush so i didnt have much time

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You can edit it, just press the pencil at the bottom of the post ;)

guys, yall can now vote of what was your favorite pic

Nice pics! The landing and moon shots are definitely my favourite :)

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thanks bro

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do yall think i should make a fly-out?
  • yes
  • no

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Nice pictures!

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