Pickup Truck Strikes Southwest 737 at BWI (Baltimore Airport)

Oh no. Another Southwest incident? This time it isn’t really their fault. Thankfully, none of the plane’s 172 passengers were injured.

The Boeing 737 left Fort Lauderdale late Sunday night. According to the airline’s flight tracker, it landed in Baltimore at 12:46 a.m., shortly before its scheduled arrival. Southwest said the vehicle hit the aircraft as it was pulling into the gate.

Check it out yourselves!


What do you mean by that?

Aircraft was taxiing into the gate when the incident occurred. Most likely a ground tower control incident and not SWAs. This is just an educated guess and official statements haven’t been released about this yet.

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None of the recent incidents that have taken place were Southwest’s fault. If anything kudos to them from handling these events so well. I can’t seem to understand what your getting at by that comment.

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Incidents like these are really avoidable. No idea why he didn’t slow down when he saw an active plane taxiing near him. The driver could of been killed by the jet blast, totally reckless behavior. You shouldn’t need Ground ATC to tell you to stop it is always a given you give way to planes crossing the road.

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Probably @anon66442947 driving the pick up truck…even kind of looks like your truck there Tom, haha.


The media really is reporting every single little SWA accident out there, aren’t they? I’m no expert, but I can assure you that little things like this happen to a bunch of other major airlines all the time. The media just wants to bash Southwest after 1380. Personally, I don’t like SWA at all, but I think it’s pretty unfair to the airline that everyone and their mom wants to point out every small mishap that happens involving Southwest. Make like Elsa and let it go!


Conspiracy theory against Southwest? (jk)

What I think is that this pickup truck was free-riding (not sure what it is called) when you drive without a need of ATC, you just look around. That’s what i was doing once at EGLL… And it looks like the driver hasn’t noticed the plane and struck it. The driver is actually quite lucky as it all may have finished really badly for him

And here’s another incident

And here I thought I was the only one who disliked Southwest. The boarding procedure has been one of the more degrading experiences in my life. I miss AirTran.


After reading this, $100 this driver was an incompetent male who didn’t see a large plane enter a gate he’s supposedly passing.

What makes you think it was a guy?

In the US, unless you’re going out into the ATC controlled movement area that doesn’t include the ramp, they will not be listening or talking to ATC. The fault is with whoever was driving the truck.

Well do you think it was a lady.


Lets get serious. This was a stupid incident, especially for an airport worker. Do you honestly believe for one second, a female pickup driver, hit a 737 with a medium sized pick up truck. I did not assume anyone’s gender, thank you.

Lol I was joking, but yeah…I don’t see why it couldn’t have been a female driver? What are you implying?

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