Picks for potential VAs

Hello. I was wondering when the next picks are for a potential VA to move on to Stage 2. I want to start up a VA, and I’m kinda worried about the timing because there isn’t much time left for me before my application gets cancelled. Can anyone help me and say when the next picks are?


Maybe have a look at this before posting in the general category
This is also a very useful topic
Maybe have a look at those two and hopefully that would help

Hey! I’d recommend PMing a VARB admin such as @Danman for clarification.


Actually, if this is a good idea. There is more that 35 VA’s on the reservation list but we don’t know which ones have been picked and moved on to stage two.

Yes,my VA,Asiana VA is already confirmed to move on to stage 2,but I check the holder list every day.

Where would i be able to find the holder list?

I think there was a thread a few weeks back that showed the active list of VA’s being worked on. @Danman made it


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Thank you. I heard that the VAs are picked either in a random order, or based on what they present to the VARB. Can anyone confirm any of the two?

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Well I’m not sure,but

However more interesting and detailed responses will make it more likely you will get approved.

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That is on stage one. Those have been brought to IFVARB. I mean stage two where they are approved by a admin but now in the small bunch waiting to be inspected


In short, it all boils down to quality.

Thank you for the info.

Thank you everyone for the help. Safe to say that mods can now close. Thank you and have a nice day!

Actually could we try to keep this open? I like the idea. Let’s hope IFVARB sees it

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Yes I agree with you. I’m still not sure weather or not my VA is going to be seen by the member groups. That means,by some coincidence,I can’t reapply until January 1st 2018.

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I don’t understand what you are trying to say. Sorry

The picks for the next VA’s should occur within the next week if not week or so. Once you turn your initial application in, you’re reserving that VA. And I think one of the community members has linked the “reserved” list so far. I think this might answer your question. Let me know if I missed something. 🙂


Sorry, I just agree with you. I just mean that I’m not sure if my VA will be seen by the admins by the deadline.

I think you are right. I think they should add a update on VA’s that have passed stage one or just keep us updated.