Pick where my next event will start!

Hey all! Welcome to another one of my event polls for my series! if you don’t know what I’m doing ill explain: in summary is going to focus on small regional airports around the world! the only times I would do these is when there is an open date slot for me when I’m not doing my usual events which of course focus on big airports. anyways this time we will be exploring Canadian airports! its not required to join if you vote I just like seeing other people’s opinions on which small airport they like more. also please vote in both polls thanks! -DF

Which Airport?
  • Toronto Billy Billship CYTZ
  • Halifax CYHZ
  • Winnipeg CYWG
  • Ottawa CYOW
  • Edmonton CYEG

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What Time?
  • 1800Z
  • 2100Z
  • 1600Z
  • 2000Z
  • Other

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Thanks for voting guys it will close Sometime tomorrow!


polls finish later in the day around 2230Z!

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only a few hours left until I finalize the votes!

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Ok results, tied last is Ottawa and Edmonton with 5 votes. In 3rd Winnipeg. In 2nd Halifax, and winning by a staggering 34 votes with a huge blow out, Toronto Billy Billship airport will be the event I will make in the upcoming weekend. Thanks to everyone that voted glad to see everyone’s opinions! Have a good rest of your day! -DF