Pick where my next event will start! PT.3

Hey all! Welcome to another one of my event polls for my series! if you don’t know what I’m doing ill explain: in summary is going to focus on small regional airports around the world! the only times I would do these is when there is an open date slot for me when I’m not doing my usual events which of course focus on big airports. This Time we will have some airports in the Caribbean! please vote on both

Buch of Options this time…

Which Airport?
  • Key West KEYW
  • Nassau MYNN
  • Princess Juliana TNCM
  • Montego Bay MKJS
  • Bermuda TXKF
  • Bridgetown TBPB
  • St.Thomas TIST

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What time?
  • 1800Z
  • 1600Z
  • 2000Z
  • Earlier than 1600Z?
  • Later than 2000Z?

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Thanks for voting I always love everyone’s help!

You Voted for both right? 🤨🧐


KEYW is an awesome airport. The scenery is beautiful.

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Montego Bay PLEASE!! @Jaylan_Brown will come :)

I will do MKJS - IAH if so :)


It’s still pretty close between airports right now anything could happen…

24 hours until we have a winner!

Bridgetown for the love of GOD, I really want my home airport to be the event or else ill be really mad

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idk we will see tomorrow

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I would LOVE to see Sint Maarten! Such a gorgeous airport!

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Today voting ends at 2100Z or 2021-02-08T21:00:00Z

2 hrs left! two airports are neck and neck!

Results! in last is TIST, in 6th is TBPB, 5th Nassau, 4th Bermuda, getting in top 3 is Montego Bay, and the winner is Key West Airport by 2 votes over princess Juliana! thanks to everyone that voted!

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