Pick my next IF flight!

Route - New York JFK → Palm Springs

Airline - JetBlue

Aircraft - BCS3 (A220)

Hey Butter! That sounds like a really fun route! Do you have the tail number?

JBU 1849

How about KTYR-KDFW
American Eagle/SkyWest

Hello! Thanks for that recommendation, I actually don’t enjoy flying the CRJ’s in IF. Thanks for that flight idea though, sounds like a fun one

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I would recommend checking this thread, that way you can say what you want to include or exclude! and many people enjoy offering routes there!

Thank you! Sorry; I am still trying to get familiar with the community posts and the website. Thanks!

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No worries haha, did nothing wrong, just a suggestion as there is plenty of active suggestions on there!


Route -Flight RO391 OTP-LHR

Airline - TAROM

Aircraft - Airbus A318

Real tail number of that route and airline - reg: YR-ASA



Airline: Delta (Endeavor Air)

Aircraft: E-190

Tail Number: DL5278

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Totally not one of my favorites

Katamandu → Park
Drukair A319

KB205 and KB401

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Sorry, that isn’t a tail number. JetBlue doesn’t fly direct to Palm Springs.

Here’s my next IF flight! Thank you

They don’t fly direct JFK to Palm Springs. I’ve looked up the tail number, tried seeing the routes, didn’t find anything

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He replied, JFK to Palm Springs. End of convo! 😅

Yeah, it’s a seasonal flight, that’s why it doesn’t exist

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Oh okay; thanks for letting me know that!

Found here

Route - AKL-PPT

Airline - Air Tahiti Nui

Aircraft - Boeing 787-9

Real tail number of that route and airline - THT102B

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Route: MSP-LIR (Minneapolis to Liberia, Costa Rica)
Airline: Sun Country Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Real Flight Number: SY759

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