Piaggio P.180 at KJYO

Pretty cool airplane. I was getting ready for my flight lesson and this landed and taxied up to the ramp. Backwards engines!!


Nice picture. They fly out of Westchester all of the time, I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard one take off, but they are really loud!


I love the P-180. They’re surprisingly quiet inside for how loud they are outside. They are just as fast as most jets too. The catfish!

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I remember when I was a minecraft nerd and I got a mod that had this airplane in it lmao

Yep once saw one landing at my home airport, this things are loud!

They are incredibly loud landing lol. And taxiing. Leesburg has a 5,000 foot runway and I could hear him all the way at the other end of the runway, over the Muskateers engine as well lol.


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