Piaggio P.166

To the few that remember me, I’m going to try to make a return. And as an ode to that, I present to you the P.166:


This is such an awesome looking aircraft

A suggestion I’ve been wanting to make for ages, you have to love pusher aircraft. A great aircraft, would be fantastic to fly in IF. Also good to see you back.


No please no. It seems like a waste of precious time for devs


awesome aircraft

Most of the suggestions made are not even added into the game, how would this be a waste of time for them?


It’s unique I love it

The Pi Aggie an… was beautiful but is this an older aircraft

Dosnt mean its less beautiful. Look at the Spitfire. Older than this. I really dont like the, it’s old so it’s not good argument that everyone on this forum seems to make. It’s getting ridiculous

i just love this prop…or whatever kind it belongs to

That is one of the coolest aircraft I’ve ever seen, it looks like the landing gear are stored in a cool way.

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I didn’t say I didn’t like it is beautiful