PIA to acquire three new wide-body aircraft next year!

🚨PIA to acquire three new wide-body aircraft next year🚨

According to sources PIA, The Flag Carrier of Pakistan will acquire Airbus A-330 and Boeing-787 within the first quarter of 2023 as part of its improvement policy.

The airline’s spokesman said that the new aircraft would replace the planes acquired in 2002 and 2003.

The induction of new aircraft was aimed at expanding operations for long-haul flights as A-330 was one of the most modern and reliable aircraft.

Separately, the airlines had also planned to induct four Airbus A-320s into its fleet in this year, out of which two have already become a part
of the fleet while two more aircraft will be added next month, the spokesman added.

Moreover, the airline has decided to refurbish five existing A-320s and replace their old seats with spacious and more comfortable ones.

The PIA spokesman said the process of refurbishing would be completed within four months.

Aviation Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq was briefed on Thursday by the airline’s management about the procurement of new aircraft and improvement in service delivery.

The minister also ordered replacement of the seats in PIA’s special Boeing-777 long-haul aircraft which operates on Canadian routes.

Heres some pics

Heres the old PIA A330

Here is a concept of a PIA 787


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What do you guys think? I am neutral since i like that PIA is planning this but considering the politics at the moment i think this wont be so easy!

Is PIA using there 787’s to YYZ


It is expected that pia will be using the 787s or 330s for EU/AUS
And will be sticking to North America in the 777s

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Posting this here to manifest PIA getting A350s🙏🫥


If they atleast get on for IF ill be more than happy😂

Interesting that they’re opting for a Boeing/Airbus mix!

Any ideas as to what B787 variant they’re going to be using?

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I dont think so. although check our the www.historyofpia.com forum on the sources drop down in the main post. it might include details like that but i heard it to be -8

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Probably the -8 variant initially if they actually decide to get it. They may later get -9 too just like how they got all 3 variants of the original B777 gradually in the early 2000s.

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I would love to see that picture without a water mark

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