PIA new Euro White livery on Airbus A320

The Pakistani National Carrier has decided to change their livery on all their fleet!
There was an experimental Markhor Livery but that failed badly! So they launched a new one!
The new livery features an All white Fueselage with only PIA written on it and a Pakistani Flag on the Tail!
The Livery was first applied on the newly acquired Boeing 777-300ER (AP-BMS) previously owned by Air Austral as (F-OSYD).
It was then applied on the famous WorldLiner Boeing 777-200LR (AP-BGZ) the same plane which made the record of flying from HongKong to London over Pacific Ocean.
It was applied on the Boeing 777-200ER (AP-BGJ) not even a month ago.
It has just been applied on the Airbus A320-200(AP-BLW).
Giving a really fresh look to all the airplanes,
It is requested to the Developers to please add this Livery in the Game as it would be a great add to the PIA liveries in the game

credits: PSPK

Any chance ?

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would love to see this livery in IF hopefully it gets added in 20.2! got my vote


We need this livery for the A320

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This is a different livery that can be voted on here.

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