PIA Cessna 172

Would love to see the PIA Livery on the Cessna C172
This aircraft if used for training of PIA pilots
Picture Credits:Raihan Shahzad

Wow! Lot of Airlines operating the Cessna… soon we’ll get an Air Koryo Cessna 172… They will buy a second-handed one from another country anyways a pretty nice livery! Would like it.


Please vote for it if you think that it is good

I would but I have one vote left ONLY and no offense but I think there are better requests to use that vote on. So sorry.


Absolutely love it. finally a 172 livery!

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Then please vote so that we can have it as soon as possible

Do you mean this?


Hahahah lollz
Would like that too
Imagine flying that over USA😂😂

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@_hotpocket that was amazing! Truly amazing!

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Never knew PIA owned a C-172. Guess they won’t get that many passengers on a C-172 flight!

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Lollz it’s for training purposes
PIAs 777-300ER service to London,Birmingham,Manchester,Toronto and Jeddah
is full on every flight


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